Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Eight - To Shepardstown

Well we had another hot and humid night of camping. It did not cool down much at all. I got a few hours of sleep but not great sleep. We got a rain shower around five in the morning. I was up and out of my tent around seven. It was very quiet and peaceful. I saw a couple of deer and a fawn crossing the path as I took a small walk. Upon returning from my walk our camping guest was coming out of his tent. We struck up a conversation and he is from Columbus also. School teacher on a quick ride before school starts.
We all broke camp and started our ride for the day. Just down the trail we ran into a six mile detour over some hilly country roads. Not much fun. Had to walk the bike up several hills. During this detour our new friend damaged his pedal don't some hard pedaling. After several miles on the trail his pedal was getting really bad. He told us to go on despite our unwillingness to leave him on list own. We worked out a plan of action and headed on our way. So happens about a hundred yards up the trail we saw someone loading several bikes into a truck so Mike and I headed over the canal to see if he had any suggestions for helping our broken down friends. So happened he use to run a bike shop from that location and found a new set of pedals that fit his bike. What a stroke of luck.

We then continued down he trail towards Shepardstown. Our plans were to stop here for the day and get a hotel with pol and hot tub to mend our aching and tired bodies. Our friend contnud down the trail.

We crossed a very big bridge into this small college town. We eventually found our hotel of choice, Clarion and checked in for the day. This is a very nice place and we got a great rate. We showered and had lunch in their tavern. Yum yum.

We then headed to the hot tub. By this time it had been raining quite a while and had not stopped. A great day to be off the trail. The hot tub hit the spot. Now I am doing the blog while laying in the bed almost falling asleep.

We have a slight change of plans. We are going to complete our trip on Friday instead of Saturday. This means we have seventy more miles and two days to complete them. We are hoping that the severe rain that hit the DC area this morning did not mess up the trail too bad. That could make traveling rough if it is full of mud. Time shall tell.

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