Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Two - Cedar Creek to Ohiopyle

We started our day pretty early 7:30 ish. Between the very little airwas circulation in our lean to and the abundance of trains right across the river it made for a restless night. We got up and packed our belongings and headed out around 9:00. The weather was overcast but very humid. While riding it was not bad but hen we stopped it was downright hot. Our first goal was to get to Connellsville so we could get a good meal. The ride was good bytes as we got closer to Connellsvlle our energy was running low.

We stopped at a bike shop right on the trail in town. We went inside to look around. The owner was very nice and gave us suggestions on places to eat. We decided on Pizza Louie's. Highly recommended. The bike shop, Bikes Unlimited, allowed us to use a table and chairs to sit and eat our pizza. THANK YOU.

We then left for Ohiopyle. This would be the second twenty mile trek for the day. This trek continued to take us along the river where we saw tons of white water rafters. This part of the trail was a little rockier than what we were use to.

When then came to the sign that pointed us uphill to tonight's campground. The sign said a quarter mile. It was more like a half mile of steep gravel grade. Those was worse than the sleeping conditions from the previous night. VERY BAD!!! Who put the campground on top of this mountain???

We finally made it to the top just as it began to sprinkle. We immediately headed to the ranger station to get a camping space. While there it began to pour. Fortunately we got our bikes under shelter and waited out the storm. The clerks were very nice and invited us inside to buoy the air conditioned room. It was here where I figured out my blogging problem.

We set up camp and headed for a much needed shower. Our motivation for the day. Came back to camp and cooked dinner, called our loved ones at home, asked for and received a couple of soft drinks from a nice family and now blogging our adventure.

Now it is time for some much needed sleep.

Good day.

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