Friday, August 20, 2010

Day ten - Washington DC

Wow, we made it. We both woke up early this morning. Not sure if it was the excitement of the last day, the hoot owls or just wanting to get off the trail. We left camp around 7:45 for the final twenty six miles. Breakfast consistent of granola bars and powerade. The weather was getting warm already and the humidity felt like 100 percent.

We biked down the trail about twelve miles and came upon Great Falls area. We stopped and grabbed a bagel to eat. Still hotter and just as humid. After looking around a little we continued on. The trail as a lot better without all the mud. My knees were beginning to get sore but the end was in sight. For the last five miles there was a blacktop path that ran parallel to the canal path. This was nice.

We followed this trail right into DC. What a great sight to make a turn and see our destination in sight. After asking directions from several people we found the Lincoln Memorial. From there the Washington Monument was our final destination.

What a great day/trip this was.

In a few days I will post some additional comments about the trip. I will also try to get pictures put out so you can review them. Sorry I was not able to do while on my trip.

PS. I have not given up on the cross country trip yet.

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