Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Five - Frostburg to past Cumberland, Near Paw Paw

The day started out with a good rain shower. Fortunately we were at a hotel and were able to get a late ckeckout. We left around non and got onto the rail trail. This mornings ride started out with fifteen miles of downhill. You do not know how excited we were. As we were descending towards Cumberland we were right Baxter to railroad tracks all the way down the hill. Low and behold we passed an old time steam engine coming up the hill. I have a good video I will share at some point when I get that knowledge. Same with a lot of pictures. The train rained ash all over us. Yea, I had a white shirt on. But the sight on the black smoke was awesome looking.

We arrived in Cumberland without much pedaling at all. Nice!! Looked around the train depot a little while, called some loved ones and the headed for something to eat.

After lunch we stopped at a bike shop and then hit the trail. The trail was not as nice as the GAP bet it was not bad. A lot of grass growing in the middle of the trail and sometimes we saw quite a few potholes. I think we traveled close to forty miles. Found one of the free campsites along the canal and pitched a ten, ate dinner and then off to bed.

The night air was really humid and wide not allow for much comfortable sleep.

The sights along the canal very from a dry ditch with trees growing in it to some occasional clean water to occasional water with green scum. Many of the locks and blockhouses still exist which is neat to see.

Today started out great and ended with a couple of very tired and sore bikers.

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