Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Eve Before the BIG Ride

Well, I think I am ready for this.  I had better be because it is the night before we leave and I really have no choice.  I was unable to break an arm or leg during the past week so I guess I am in this until the end now.

I really am excited about getting this started.  I am all packed and did a little test run with the bags on the bike the other night.  Realized I needed to make some adjustments to my carry ons!!!  Opted to forego the large sleeping bag for a snuggi(AS SEEN ON TV).  Hope this is enough to keep me warm at night.  A bit more compact without spending large bucks on a nice sleeping bag.  Let's see how this works.  Will keep you updated.

I also eliminated some cooking fuel and a skillet.  Figure one canister will get us there.  If not they should be available along the trail.  Also removed a few items of clothing and toiletries.  Every little bit helps so I hope they know what they are saying when people say that. HA HA

Took my bike to work today so Mike would have it on the van tomorrow when we get to his house to leave for the trip.  Mike said my tires have cracks in them.  Now this does not sound good.  I am taking my two extra tires with me.  They are wider than what I have on the bike right now so I am thinking they will come in handy during the second half of the trip.  I am hoping the current ones hold up that long.  Spare tubes, tire tools, air pump - I think I am ready.

I plan on posting pictures as soon as I have some to post.  Tried one today and it worked but Mike made me take it off the blog.  Bah Humbug!!

Well, time to get some good shut eye tonight.  It will be around 11 nights before I get back in my comfy bed here at the house.

Until tomorrow, I am signing out and hoping for sweet dreams.   

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