Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day six - Near Paw Paw to Little Orleans

Today started out with a couple of sleep starved bikers from the overnight humidity. We got up, broke camp and hit the trail. The good thing, only sixteen miles today. We are stopping at Little Orleans Campground which has a pool and showers.

First we had to go through the over 3000 foot Paw Paw tunnel. We walked he bikes rhrogh this one. These was only a narrow path without lights. We had to us our flashlights on this one. Boy did it get hot in there also. We then started counting down the miles to the campground. Guess what? It was again up a steep hill. But we made it.

The office/store was air conditioned. YES!!! We set up camp then showered and headed for he store to buy some real food. Hot dogs, chips and beer. Heated the bad boys up in the microwave and chowed down.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. Met some neat folks from New Jersey. They had a three year old not that I made best friends with. Hi Zeth.

This couple invited us over for dinner. What wonderful people you meet while camping. Thanks so much guys for your gracious hospitality. You will never know how much we appreciated that invitation. Especially Mike. Me too.

Then off to bed we went. Tired but rested.

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